The Little Tug Boat Day Nursery
3 Finlay Street, Fulham, London, SW6 6HE
0207 731 6648 |
Welcome to The Little Tug Boat Day Nursery
Welcome to The Little Tug Boat Day Nursery
Welcome to The Little Tug Boat Day Nursery
Welcome to The Little Tug Boat Day Nursery
Welcome to The Little Tug Boat Day Nursery

Our mission

We passionately believe that every child should learn well


Our ethos is built around helping children learn and develop through play. Following the Early Years Foundation Stage, we develop individual weekly plans for every child across a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities which encourage all aspects of their development. Most importantly, we plan our days around the children’s interests helping each child to become confident, independent and with a clear sense of identity. And of course, every day is filled with cuddles, fun and lots of laughter.

We know that developing healthy eating habits from a young age are critical, and that’s why we are passionate about providing fresh, tasty and nutritious meals at Tug Boat, alongside instilling healthy eating habits which last a lifetime. Our menu is developed and prepared by our Tug Boat chef and focuses on homemade, well-balanced and diverse meals which help develop little tastebuds. We also take great care in sourcing high quality ingredients including free range meat and organic milk.

We also know that being healthy extends beyond healthy eating. Providing children with an environment which is safe and healthy is paramount – one where the children are not exposed to unnecessary or potentially harmful chemicals. That’s why we strive for a non-toxic environment; using cleaning products which are plant based and free from nasties such as phosphates, and that do not leave persistent chemicals behind. We also use BPA free bottles for every child.

As the saying goes “a healthy mind, a healthy body”. We couldn’t agree more! So in addition to daily play outside in our garden, we also ensure the children are learning through a wide variety of different types of indoor and outdoor activities. From yoga classes to organised outings to places such as the Science Museum… or simply enjoying Bishop’s Park on our doorstep.

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